At home at Adect – an evening in the sign of energy!


Adect organised a well-attended event at the beginning of November 2022 with Pontus de Maré, Chief Operating Officer of Svenska Kraftnät as speaker.
Pontus de Maré talked about the daily work as an operations manager and how the work in the control room is carried out. He talked about the mix of energy types in Sweden today and the challenges we face. Hydropower, wind power, nuclear power and solar power are all part of today’s energy mix with their respective advantages and disadvantages. If there is an energy shortage, Svk decides in the most extreme case to disconnect parts of the grid. Wind power, for example, produces only 9% of its total capacity on days when conditions are at their worst. We were also given an insight into the fact that an expansion of the grid can lead to an increase in prices for the export and import of electricity between countries in Europe.
The audience was very active and asked questions which Pontus calmly answered. When asked how cold it should be for us to have a longer interruption, Pontus replied that it also depends on how much wind there is on the day in question, unfortunately cold and calm often coincide.
Many thanks to all our guests and our eminent speaker Pontus de Maré who together made the event a success.

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