In close cooperation with the customer

Below are some assignments we are extra proud of together with our customers.

Stiftelsen Stockholms Studentbostäder (SSSB)

Strategic purchasing development

SSSB owns and manages 8,000 student apartments / rooms in Stockholm. One of the strategic goals was to increase businessmanship and reduce costs.

Adect has documented the current situation regarding businessmanship and level of purchasing, procurement and contract management. The gap between the current situation and the strategic goal has been analyzed and Adect has presented a visually clear strategic map with an associated action plan. The strategic map in turn consists of well-defined work packages, which SSSB then has been able to choose freely among.

Some of the packages that SSSB has chosen to ask Adect to proceed with are :

  • Order among the agreements
  • Purchasing process and templates
  • Purchasing manual
  • Purchasing training – Business customer
  • Contract management, in the form of i.a. follow-up process

Trafikförvaltningen – Region Stockholm

E34 – Roslagsbanan

Adect has been commissioned to project manage the procurement of rail traffic on the Roslagsbanan line. The assignment has involved project management, leading quality evaluation and acting as procurement support. The contract value comprises approximately 4 000 million SEK, a 12-year agreement, a significant increase in quality and the introduction of a new vehicle fleet.

The procurement was legally tested on the basis that the winning tenderer, after negotiation, received a reduced quality rating and raised the tender price, a very unusual situation. All courts confirmed that Region Stockholm had acted correctly all through the procurement process.

Region Uppsala

Procurement of Regional Bus Traffic

During 2020/2021, Region Uppsala has carried out a traffic procurement for regional bus traffic, a merger of several previous agreements. Adect has contributed to the work of producing the Procurement Documents and then been responsible for leading the work with the procurement itself, ie qualification, call for tenders, quality evaluation and negotiation. Adect has acted in the roles of project manager, procurement manager, quality evaluation manager and negotiator.