About us at ADECT

We create value and make a difference

Together with our customers, we inspire and contribute to sustainable and smarter communities.

Private and public operations

We have extensive professional experience

ADECT headquartered in Stockholm and founded in 2019, operates throughout Sweden and also support customers in their international operations. The business is based on a couple of partners with extensive professional experience from senior positions in private and public operations.

Governance, management and organization

The history behind Adect

Our base is to contribute with management and control and in this way we make organizations become more efficient and deliver with better quality.

The name Adect reflects the work we do and comes from the Latin language in a combination of two expressions. AD stands for adder which means to contribute. ECT comes from flectera which means control, management and organization.

The majority of our consultants have a long history together from previous constellations where we worked together. All the co-owners previously come from the same company and founded Adect together in 2019. Since then, the journey has continued in a fantastic direction in collaboration with our customers, suppliers, partners and that we at Adect continue to grow.

The customers conditions

We always achieve the best results

ADECT always carry out assignments in close cooperation with the customers and with the right mix of skills in order to achieve the best results. We primarily rely on our consultants’ long hands-on and operational experience to perform assignments. We choose well-established methods according to actual needs and focus on understanding the customer’s actual conditions in order to suggest and implement customized solutions.

Our industries

Energy and Environment



IT & Telekom

Public transport

Public sector


Private equity